IMPORTANT: Keep in mind the indicators on the product page used are only an indication. You will have to download the product to view the full license details. For example, we indicate that an item has GAR, but sometimes this doesn’t mean it’s free to give away but free to give to your subscribers or to add as a bonus, etc. So please, check the full license upon download to abide by the author’s wishes.

Below you will find all about our product license/s and the details of what they mean and what they can offer you.

Private Label Rights (PLR)
Private Label Rights is a product that offers one of the best licenses around. PLR gives the user the right to do just about anything they are wanting to do with it. For example, you can edit it, change the content, label it as your own (meaning claim authorship of it), sell it for whatever price you are wanting. This license usually means you can do just about anything you are wanting to do with it.

Master Resell Rights (MRR)
Master resell rights is a license that gives you permission to pass on resell rights to your customers. If you download a product with master resell rights and then sell it, your customer may resell the product to obtain a product as you did. In some cases, it is also allowed to pass on master resell rights to customers. Read further within the product itself, for example, such as within the start of the book if it is an ebook.

Resell Rights (RR)
Resell rights mean that the particular item can be re-sold or onwards selling to any number of customers. There could be such boundaries with RR products such as reselling the product at a certain price. This does not mean you can not resell the product for a limited time or amounts, you still sell the product unlimited amounts and to keep 100% of the profits of your sales. In most cases, when you sell a resell rights product you the original license, usually stating that “personal use” only of the next customer.

Personal Use (PU)
Personal Use licenses can only be used for personal affairs, such as reading, sharing (only if stated), teaching. Products with PU cannot in any way be resold or changed as this license restricts such acts. With personal use licenses, you may make an unlimited amount of backup copies. In most cases, unless stated within the license itself or within the product, it cannot be distributed.

Commercial Use (CU)
This license allows you to distribute the product for your client’s projects where you charge a price for your time and work. You can use a product with this license by you or any number of clients which the end-users (client) can be charged for.

Give Away Rights (GAR)
Give Away Rights is basically all digital products that have the rights to share, distribute across the internet give away to your subscribers on the mailing list, and basically, anyone who is wanting a free product, you may give away freely. These products might even come with sale rights but it is not necessary to sell these products if you are just wanting to give them away for free.